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Evolution - Physical Excellence Ltd is owned and run by Paul Booth and John Hodgson who have, between them, over 30 years experience in a gym environment. They have seen the mistakes made by many of the big commercial chains and aim to put a breath of fresh air and some integrity back into an industry fraught with empty promises & pseudo science.

We actually practice what we preach. Every single member of the staff and management is experienced in training techniques and nutrition so no matter who you approach, you'll always be able to get the advice you need. We may not always tell you what you want to hear, but it will always be honest, sincere advice that will yield results.

All our Personal trainers are hand picked to meet with our high standards of integrity and all have a proven track record for getting results. They are not there purely on the strength of their qualifications, they need to be able to deliver.

Too many clubs only care about getting your membership fees from you and then offer little in the way of guidance. We take a personal responsibility in helping our members achieve their goals.

Read our articles Fitness philosophy and integrity: what gyms don't tell you and Benefits of weight training to learn more about our unique approach.

Come and see the difference, come and join the Evolution!

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