Philosophy for fitness

Reinventing the wheel

The fitness industry is in a constant state of 'fashion' and depending on the time, certain methods will be either in fashion, or out of fashion. The methods 'in fashion' are invariably an old tried & tested method that\'s been repackaged & renamed, or a 'fad' exercise programme. Whichever it is, you can be sure that the fitness industry is constantly trying to generate interest & new memberships by making things seem new & exiting. Now there is nothing wrong with generating interest, but at Evolution - Physical Excellence, we refuse to 'dupe' our members with any pseudo science or 'fad' terminology just to sugar coat things. We feel it is both demeaning to you, and insults your intelligence. We prefer not to 're-invent the wheel'. The training methods we advise on are based on sound physiological fact, not thought up by some marketing department, and they will get results.


Our philosophy is based around the 'K.I.S' approach, Keep It Simple. We will show you how to achieve great results, appropriate to your goals, and within a realistic time frame. We want you to actually achieve your goals. We can then set about exceeding them.

Some clubs rely on you needing them & so won't actively help you get where you want to be in the hope that you'll keep paying a membership as you still need to lose weight or get fitter. This flawed approach nearly always backfires, resulting in despondency so the member either stops training altogether, or migrates to another club in the hope that things there will be different. They will usually begin the whole cycle again at the new club.

Our approach is different. No empty promises, just sincere, honest advice & guidance that will help you get what you want from your valuable time invested at our club. This is where the real 'secret' (if there is such a thing) lies in retaining our members. It turns out that the big 'secret' the industry is searching for is something as simple as integrity.