John Hodgson

Company director
Age: 41

John is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder known the world over. John featured in the TV series 'Body Spectacular' in which he had 12 weeks to turn 3 people who had never competed in a bodybuilding show before, which he did with with 2 out of 3 winning.

Prior to opening Evolution gym John was the general manager of CNP where he worked for close to 12 years advising people from all walks of life on training, nutrition etc. John has done many seminars spanning the world on nutrition and training is renowed in the industry as one of the most knowledgable for getting people into shape they desire.

Competition History:

John has competed as a bodybuilder since 1993 winning 3 British UKBFF titles which enabled him to become an IFBB professional, which he has been since 1999 with John's ultimate goal to grace the Mr Olympia stage. The Mr Olympia is the absolute pinnacle in the world of bodybuilding and in the 45 years of the Mr Olympia's history less than 15 British men have graced the event. John finally made history by becoming one of the very few British bodybuilders to make it to the Mr Olympia where he qualified by finnishing runner up in the Tampa Bay Pro show Florida in August 2009 to the world number one in the under 202lb division. On the 26th September 2009 John finally stepped on stage at the Mr Olympia in Las Vegas where he placed 10th making him the worlds 10th best bodybuilder in the under 202lb division.

  • 1993 EFBB British Intermediates U80kg and Overall Champion
  • 1993 'Weider New Star of the Year' award
  • 1995 EFBB British middleweight champion
  • 1999 EFBB British Middleweight Champion and awarded an IFBB Pro card
  • 1999 IFBB British Grand Prix (Professional debut contest) placing 11th alongside the world's best bodybuilders such as Ronnie Coleman, Kevin Leverone & Flex Wheeler
  • Many shows all over the world as an IFBB Professional over the last decade, too many to mention.

For more information on John, see his own website at


Paul Booth

Company director
Age: 39

Fitness qualifications: Premier Training Diploma in Personal Training, sports massage, injury therapy & nutritional advice. REP's level 3 advanced instructor.

Competition History:
  • 2003 Cosgroves Mr Northern UK middleweight & overall champion
  • 2006 UKBFF North East Middleweight Champion
  • 2006 UKBFF British finals light heavyweights 6th place
  • 2007 UKBFF Leeds Light Heavyweight 3rd place
  • 2007 UKBFF British Finals Middleweight 7th place
  • EFBB/UKBFF British finalist on seven separate occasions
Brief History:

In his youth, he was a racing cyclist but at age 22 found bodybuilding & went from a skinny 130lbs to a lean 210lbs and has not looked back since. He began training at Kerry Keyes' famous gym in Denton, Betta Bodies, with no real aspirations to compete, he just wanted to achieve a physique he could be proud of. After a few years Paul was encouraged & coached by Baz Bardsley of the Powermill gym in Middleton (where he was then training) to prepare for a bodybuilding competition. This was to be a pivotal moment for him and he qualified for the British finals in only his 2nd competition. He progressed from competing in the lightweight classes, through the middleweight ranks and is now a light heavyweight competitor. Under the expert guidance of John Hodgson & Kerry Keyes, Paul has earned a reputation for getting in fierce condition to compete, and was the 2003 Cosgroves Mr Northern UK overall champion, and the 2006 UKBFF North East middleweight champion.

After a career in the motor trade & insurance industries, Paul realised that he was simply not cut out for a desk job. In 2004 he decided to follow his passion in life which was his training. With 15 years of training already under his belt, Paul studied for, and passed, a diploma to allow him to become a full time personal trainer. Since then he's spent time in various clubs, some small privately run establishments, some large commercial chains. The general standard of knowledge he encountered with the staff & personal trainers in these clubs left him with no doubt that there was a niche in the market for a club built on quality, expertise & integrity (Paul frequently found himself training the PT's themselves!). He had always had a dream of owning his own club, and indeed, this has been suggested by many people over the years. All Paul's clients had achieved a noticeable change in their appearance after a short time training with him so he thought why not offer this level of service on a bigger scale? The rest, as they say, is Evolution.