Since the clubs opening in June of 2008, our members have experienced for themselves the real difference with Evolution that sets us apart from the competition.  Here is just a few of the many comments & thanks we have recieved.

 Maria Ward - Member since November 2009

The gym used to be a dread to me, I hated it! My husband on the other hand went very regularly, he talked me into joining with him. Within weeks I was hooked I felt fantastic and I could see rapid changes in my body. I became very inspired by figure shows and dreamed one day of competing.

It wasn’t until I joined Evolution Gym and was put in touch with my personal trainer that my dreams became a reality. I was eating healthy and training hard and within a few months I was up on stage living my dream. I competed in the NABBA Miss Toned Figure UK and I won and got through to the Britain Finals in May 2010, which I am currently training for.

With hard work & dedication & the help and support from all of my friends at Evolution my dreams came true! .





 Here's an update to Maria's testimonial, she came 2nd in the NABBA Toned Figure British Finals 2010! Well done Maria, 2nd in Britain at her sport! What an achievement in such a short time 


 Jack & Natalie Lowe - Members since June 2008

An absolutely fabulous gym!  We have seen this establishment set up from the bare shell that it started from & we joined immediately, even before the equipment arrived!  We had faith in Paul & John, the owners, from the first day we met them.  It was clear they were going to achieve thier dream of opening a gym that was something a bit special.

This is a gym where nobody feels out of place.  There are all sorts of people there, from novice gym users to experienced, and everyone is really friendly & helpful.  The staff are always on hand to give you advice anytime.  Paul & John actually believe in people & encourage you to believe in yourself to attain the results you want.

We have been members of other clubs where you feel like 'just another number' & we can assure you that you won't feel like that here.  It's a place that's actually fun to work out in, and have a laugh in the process.  We see the staff & owners as friends now.

 Andrew & Cathryn Cuff - Members since September 2008

Having looked at and used several other gyms in the past, we were astonished and delighted with the equipment and facilities on offer at Evolution. At the heart of the gyms success is the passion and wealth of experience provided by not only John & Paul the owners, but also the staff. The high standard of advice in both fitness training and nutrition is not available at any other facility in the area. Joining Evolution has changed our lives for the better and we will not look back.

Linda Gartside - Member since May 2008 


The first time I went to see the new gym 'Evolution' it took me all my courage to enter (30 minutes in fact) and now that makes me chuckle as I can honestly say I have never met two nicer people than the owners Paul Booth & John Hodgson.  They helped me from day one, and encouraged me with my ambition to compete in a bodybuilding show.  They introduced me to a new way of eating which took a while to get my head around but I have never eaten so much & still lost weight!  They designed a programme for my weight training and cardiovascular work which I enjoy.  I never thought I'd say I enjoy exercise!

The whole team at Evolution are wonderful.  The equipment is by far the best & the service, well what can I say?  The can never do enough for you, they are second to none.  Evolution, you will grow from strength to strength.  Thankyou for everything, you have given me a new lease of life.




Neal Cooper - Member since June 2008 


I first walked into Evolution before the official opening, and despite it being unfinished and not fully working it was enough to sell me a membership.  I have never seen a set up quite like this before, the quality of equipment and consideration in the layout really does speak for itself.  I came from a commercialised health club chain, which had forgotten what being a ‘gym’ was all about.

With Evolution there are no pretences, the simple fact is that you get quality.  The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and more importantly experienced.  The machines and weights are first-class and cater for all people for every goal.  Its clear the focus is on the members and to better itself for the benefit of them.

In the relatively short time I have trained here I have achieved goals and surpassed them and I know Evolution is the place I need to be to develop even further.



Nickie Long - member since April 2009


After years of diet clubs & women only gyms without success, I finally plucked up the courage & joined Evolution Gym 12 months ago. The invaluable advice & support I have recieved in that time has helped me to lose an amazing 4 stone and a massive 48 inches. I have gone from a dress size 20/22 to a 12/14.  I would definitely recommend Evolution to anyone seriously interested in making a difference to thier lives.  A big thank you to John, Paul & all the staff who've helped me to rediscover me!




 Jake Edwards - Member since July 2008

When I first heard there was going to be a new gym in the Rochdale area I was a little aprehensive as I thought it was going to be just another 'run of the mill' fitness centre.  Much to my surprise, Evolution have managed to come up with something new & fresh.

Unlike most of the competition who place 80% of the emphasis on cardiovascular equipment & very little on the resistance side of things, Evolution is a gym that caters superbly for all.  I used to like my 'spit & sawdust' gyms, but after one session working out with the state of the art equipment, my opinion changed completely.  It's only a pity that Evolution wasn't around when I began training.

Aside from the superb equipment, what makes Evolution a cut above the rest, is the staff & owners who are always on hand to advise & help.  From advice on training, nutrition & supplements, nothing is too much trouble for them.

Thanks to the expert advice from Evolution & my own hard work, I reached my personal goals just in time for my long stay in Australia.  The only down side is I wish I could take Evolution & the staff with me!


                                     Lewis Hughes - Member since June 2008

I joined Evolution in Rochdale after five years at a large well known commercial chain gym which I joined because there was no alternative at the time.

Since I joined Evolution, the difference has been unbelievable & I will never train anywhere else!  The equipment is the best in the world & caters for everyone's needs.  There is a huge array of cardio machines, free weighs and Hammer Strength machines.

By far the best thing to me though is the quality of the advice available from the staff who are always friendly, willing to help and extremely knowledgeable.  There is nowhere better to work out & the atmosphere is fantastic!  Whatever your goals, one session at Evolution & you'll never look back!  There really is nowhere like it.